Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winter Covers for Pontoon Boats

Well the boating season is officially over. If you are one of the many out there that haven't covered your boat up for the winter - hoping there may be one more warm day - I have to tell's over. Sad as it is it is time to cover her up and start the countdown to uncovering her.

Until now there have really only been a handful of options to storing your boat for the winter. The most fortunate of boaters out there have a garage or barn they can store their boat in for the winter. If not you can always store it at a dealership. for a fee they will even shrink wrap it for you. The rest of us have the daunting task of covering her up in the backyard. Time to get out the lumber or PVC and build the framework that you will drape some cheap blue tarp material over for the winter. Keep that duct tape handy because you may need it. Pray it doesn't rip through the winter.

There is a better way. Simple to install, snow won't accumulate, simple to take down. Northstar Products has developed a winter cover system for pontoon boats. But with a little imagination you can cover anything up with this system. It utilizes aluminum poles, heavy duty polypropelene webbing, and stainless steel strap hooks and eyes. Once this webbing and pole skeleton is up you simply drape over the heavy duty material and tie it down tight. What you end up with is a simple, inexpensive way to cover your boat up that will last season after season. If you want more information or have installation instructions emailed to you drop us a note: You can also give us a call at 419-389-5515.

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